What is UTEDYC?

UTEDYC means: Sports and Civil Organizations Workers Union. It is a labour organization, established on July the 19th, 1946. It obtained legal status N° 309 in 1956.

Our Union represents every worker who provides services at clubs, schools, professional associations and offices; it represents worker union, union hotels and resorts, foundations, cooperatives, libraries, and NGO employees; as well as country-club, condominium, mutual benefit societies and soccer club workers. It also represents employees at sports institutions, either profit or non profit, and at any type of non-governmental organization, among other categories.


Any worker who follows the principles of its statute is eligible to be a member our labour union, regardless of their nationality, philosophy, religion or political affiliation.


The main purposes of our union association are: to represent and defend the labour rights and the individual and collective interests of its members; to hold labour collective bargaining; to defend conquests already made and to propitiate the increment and the progress of social legislation and the regime of labour union rights. Our main goals also include the protection of its members and their families through the creation of social services and benefits, savings and housing plans, and of anything that brings happiness and welfare to the workers and their families. Consequently, we have created OSPEDYC, the Sport and Civil Organizations Staff Mutual Benefits Association, which offers medical coverage to its members all over the country.



The union has representation all over the country. Its institutional functioning is regulated by a Statute. All officers are chosen by elections involving the whole membership every four years.


  • •General Congress of Delegates: It is the major authority of the organisation. It is composed by representatives of all the sections and delegations of the country. Representatives are elected by direct vote in Assemblies of Members. The Congress meets once a year to discuss and evaluate annual activity reports, financial statements and plans of action.
    Executive Central Council: Composed by 34 appointed members and 6 substitutes; it meets regularly every six months to discuss activities to be developed.
  • Controller committee: Composed by 3 appointed members and 3 substitutes elected annually during the General Ordinary Congress.
  • National Secretariat. This is the organ which executes the measures taken by the organisation. It is integrated by 15 Secretaries and 3 Sub-secretaries: General Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Administrative and Organisational Secretary, Home Secretary, Social Activities Secretary, Tourism Secretary, Acts and Social Prevision Secretary, Press and Propaganda Secretary, Culture and Human Rights Secretary, Leisure and Sports Secretary, Education Secretary, Finances Secretary, Union Affairs Secretary, Social Networks and TIC’s Secretary, International Affairs Secretary, Deputy Sub-secretary for Administration and Organization, Union Affairs Deputy Sub-secretary, Deputy Sub-secretary for Finances.
  • Branch Executive Councils: Seated at localities or provinces with more than 300 members; they are composed by 15 members. In locations with more than 3000 members, they have 18 members. These union branches carry out legal and administrative functions. They must follow the Union Statute and meet once a month.
  • Delegation Executive Council: Seated at localities or provinces with more than 50 and less of 300 members. Their functioning is similar to the one of a Branch, but with only 7 members.

Every four years, governing Organs renew their mandates by direct and secret vote in all locals. Since December 2005, Carlos O. Bonjour is in charge of the National General Secretariat.


UTEDYC is currently composed by 43 Branches and 10 National Delegations in the Argentine Republic. A total of 710 members conform the Branch Executive Councils and the Executive Central Council.  The workers’ voice is represented by some 1,529 delegates all over the country.

It represents 150,000 workers (as stated by employers, including union members and contributors)

The Union currently holds 39 collective agreements, concerning either fields of activity or companies.

In the field of labour relations, during the present mandate, many collective bargaining and salary scale agreements have been subscribed. The most important ones among them include the soccer clubs affiliated to AFA (Argentine Football Association), Non- Profit civil Entities, Mutual Associations, Hotels, and Resorts, and the specific agreements by different branches, including ticket offices and security at sports stadiums.

The union provides legal, union affairs and retirement advice; it organizes continuing education courses and cultural events, among many other activities and benefits. For holidays and leisure, it owns hotels in Córdoba, Mar del Plata and various recreational parks and multisport centres in different locations throughout the country.




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